FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Hello and Welcome to the 3D Avatar Store's Frequently Asked Questions.

We are a startup, and some features of our website and web API are still in development. However, we wanted to give you an opportunity to see what we're developing and provide valuable feedback that will guide our future efforts. If you have a question not listed here, or you feel an answer is inadequate, please let us know by sending us an email via our store contact form:

www.3d-avatar-store.com/contact .

How does the 3D Avatar Store work?

We create and sell automatically generated 3D Avatars generated from one or more photos of a person. Some examples of our products include:

  • Automated 3D Avatar creation from a single photo upload. Our are 3D models are forensically reconstructed in a manner suitable for 3D printing and 3D animation, with multiple possible output geometries, including photo-real texture maps.
  • Our 3D Avatars can be purchased with a professional Maya animation rig. Our fairly sophisticated animation rig supports low-level control over facial features, as well as higher-level expression and lip sync controls.
  • Our 3D Avatar creation environment is also a WebAPI, suitable for 3rd party developers to create games, apps, eCommerce experineces and other software products featuring your end-users as "characters" within the product.
  • We also do custom webApp and webAPI development for select clients.

Our store is divided into multiple departments, each specializing in a different type of product. At the top of every page, you will find a listing of links that will take you to the different departments. Finding products you want to purchase, clicking their “Add to Cart” buttons will add them to your virtual shopping cart.

When checking out, you can pay for your purchases with Visa or Master Card debit or credit cards. After the credit/debit transaction is approved and completed, we automatically create a user account for you to securely access and download your products.

All purchases can be viewed and downloaded from you’re My Account page.

For any Auto-3D-Avatars, these require automated processing to create your personalized avatar. Depending upon the popularity of this service, there may be other customers in the processing queue ahead of you. The number of servers supporting this service should make your personalized product available to you within a few seconds. Simply refresh the Personalized products page to view the status of your product’s creation. Then your product is ready, you'll see the status change from Pending Reconstruction to Read For Use. Simply click on the name/title you gave this product, and you will be taken to a page where you can download your personalized 3D avatar.

What if I can't successfully download my purchases?

You can contact us via the Contact Us link at the bottom of all store pages, and we'll get your purchases to you.

I made a purchase, but never received any email or account information to login and download my products.

You can contact us via the Contact Us link at the bottom of all store pages. Please explain the situation, including the email address you used at purchase. We will investigate what happened. Be sure to check any email spam folders you may have for the missing emails.

By the way, this store operates with a very popular and award winning eCommerce system, supporting over 120,000 different online stores. The chance that you’ve encountered a bug is very rare. We will investigate your situation and get your products to you ASAP.

Also, it is worth noting that as soon as your purchase transaction completes, you are auto-logged in to the store. At that time, you are free to navigate to your My Account page and download your products without having to login (since you already are logged in).

I have purchased an Auto 3D Avatar, but the status on the Personalized Products page says “Reconstruction Failed”; what do I do?

Click on the page link associated with your reconstruction-failed product. That will take you to a page showing the image you uploaded and the other information you supplied for the creation of the product. You should also see a button that says, “Let me try again!” Simply click that and you will get a page asking for a new photo and supporting information.

Do not re-upload the same photo; it will fail again. A failure to 3D reconstruct can be caused by a number of different factors. Please read the instructions carefully on this page http://www.3d-avatar-store.com/Auto-3D-Avatar-Photo-Guide for tips as what was wrong with your photo. If you are following the guidelines and you feel your photo should work, contact us via the Contact Us link at the bottom of all store pages and tell us your situation. Be sure to include your order number so we can lookup what happened in our records.

What if I don't use Maya, can I use the 3D models in other 3D software?

The 3D models are in OBJ format, with JEG textures. This model format is very common, and can be imported into all major 3D software.

In the case of the Maya files associated with each Auto 3D Avatar product, each one comes with MEL script support to attach our animation rig to your product. Without Maya, you lose the ability to use our rig. However, the 3D models and their texture maps will work fine in other 3D packages, as long as they support OBJ importing. Note that PolyTrans and NuGraf should have no problem converting our rig, but you will have to re-create the rig user interface yourself. Note that we just opened and are in the process of providing our rig in all major 3D production software suites.

What is your privacy policy? Do you sell my information?

We fully respect the privacy rights of our customers. We do not sell any information about our customers to anyone. Your purchases are secure, and after purchase your Auto 3D Avatar library as well as any other purchases are maintained in your own private library and user profile.

Are my purchases secure? Do you store my credit/debit card information?

All purchases are secure at the 3D Avatar Store. When entering your credit/debit card information, the page has an “https” prefix to designate that the page encrypts any information you supply before transmission to our servers. Once at our servers, we use more encryption to store your credit/debit information outside of the reach of any web servers only for the brief moment it takes to transmit your information to Authorize.net, our merchant account gateway. Once that transaction is completed, your encrypted credit/debit information is deleted from our system.

As a convenience to you, we save your name and address, so you don’t have to retype that information in every time you make a purchase at our store. However, for your security, you will need to re-enter your credit/debit card information each time you make a purchase.

What is the your returns policy? If I don't like a product, can I return it?

Due to the fact that our products are all digital downloadable files, all sales are final. We are a professional store, selling sophisticated and professional products. It is your responsibility to understand the nature of the technical products you purchase. We stand by our products, and will make every reasonable effort to insure your satisfaction. However, we provide no guarantee that software you use or have access to is capable of using any of our products. If, for example, you purchase a 3D Avatar with the Maya animation rig, but do not own or have access to the Maya software, or are unable to knowledgably use Maya to animate to your satisfaction; in such situations we suggest you use the technical support provided by Autodesk, the publishers of Maya.